Although our work benefits communities through direct employment and the benefits associated with the completed project, we realize that local inhabitants have concerns that we should listen to and need information from us. We also believe that we should give back to local communities, so our approach is two-pronged:

We engage, involve, consult and inform

Having a large construction project in your neighbourhood can be disruptive. We seek to minimize any negative impacts on local communities by informing, consulting and listening to feedback. We implement noise and dust reduction strategies when needed and ensure that on-site lighting at night does not disturb residents.

If additional help is required, we first seek recruits among local residents and, where possible, we make use of local suppliers to maximise the economic benefits of our projects to local communities. We listen to people because we care about people.

Charitable initiatives

‘Giving back’ has always been an objective for Al Mashrik. Community needs stimulate the demand for our projects, and we work to address these needs in other ways too. Among these:

  • We contribute construction and engineering skills towards community housing projects.
  • We support non-profit organizations dealing with the problem of domestic violence.
  • We donate and raise funds for organizations that raise awareness regarding diabetes, cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses.