How you will grow

Providing a learning opportunity that should not be missed.

Career Growth

Working with experts and tackling some of the most exciting construction projects in the country offers life- and career-changing experience

Grow with Us

Advance your career every day

Our projects build a better Saudi Arabia—improving the lives of millions through much-needed infrastructure creation and improvement.

Through your career, you can be part of it all. And you’ll learn alongside experts while you do it. Nothing else could be as inspiring while also offering such a rich opportunity to learn.

While part of our team, we will help you grow your leadership potential, expand your skills, and develop as a professional with training and in-house opportunities focused on where you are and how you need to grow.

Career development

At Al Mashrik, we believe in investing in our employees to meet the future head-on. Around here, learning and improving go hand-in-hand with going to work each day. You’ll constantly increase your knowledge, sharpen your skills and gain new experiences — whether on the job, or through eLearning.

These are just some of the reasons Al Mashrik offers career development opportunities that are second to none:

  • Al Mashrik spends an average of $2,500 per employee each year on training and career development
  • Al Mashrik reimburses employees up to $1,000 per year in outside tuition costs with an approved program of study and satisfactory performance
  • Each employee spends an average of 120 hours per year developing their skills

Al Mashrik spends an average of $2,500 per employee each year on training and career development.