Our Core Values

Our vision, mission, and core values shape how we work each day

Our Core Values

Our vision, mission, and core values shape how we work each day


To be the country’s premier contractor and employer of choice by achieving unmatched results for the benefit of our customers, shareholders, employees, and the communities we serve.


To apply the highest standards in client services, operational excellence, reliability, and safety by staying true to our culture and core values, providing opportunities for career development for our people, and generating value for our stakeholders.

Core Values

At Al Mashrik, we are only as good as the value we deliver and the relationships we build—it’s that simple. That’s why we live, breathe, and share the core company values that underlie our culture.

We strive to take our performance to the next level time after time.

Professional Excellence

The drive to deliver our best is the bedrock of everything we do. In every project and in all of our client relationships, we commit to excellence right from the start. We firmly feel our reputation depends on delivering value, superior teamwork, creative solutions, and innovative spark. That’s why we never stop raising the bar.


We do the right thing for everything. We bring the highest levels of integrity to all clients, projects, and aspects of business conduct. We pride ourselves in our honesty and fairness in all relationships and in our responsibility to and accountability for our promises and actions. We are also committed to accurate and honest operational and financial records.


Our team is the foundation of our success. That’s why we focus on attracting, retaining, and training the industry’s most talented professionals, so that the work we deliver makes us all proud. With our focus on career development and our place in a vibrant industry, we aspire to become an employer of choice.


Every day, we play a role as stewards for our community and for the planet—after all, we live and work in the same shared space. Through today’s vision and leadership, we are building a strong organization for the present, as well as for our future employees, and owners of tomorrow.


Together with our clients, we identify goals, visualize innovative solutions, and map out grounded steps to achieve unparalleled results. The positive relationships we build with joint-venture partners, subcontractors, suppliers, and employees are key to our success. We pride ourselves on delivering on our commitments each and every time.


The brightest solutions spring from perpetual refinement. Because of this, we continually listen, learn, and seek out new ideas and promising technology. It’s all in pursuit of meeting our clients’ needs—and exceeding their expectations.


We are not only proud of our work, we are proud of how we do it. Our culture is important to us—and essential to our company’s success. After all, the excellence of our work depends on our people and their ideas, energy, openness, and teamwork. Because of that, we are utterly committed to diversity, inclusion, and collaboration in all ventures.

Safety First

Ever vigilant, never complacent, we’re always focused on safety’s highest standards to create a healthy work environment. We remain relentlessly committed to protecting our colleagues and the public each and every day.