Compliance to the letter of the law and beyond

Apart from our commitment to legal compliance in terms of rules, regulations, contract requirements and laws, we strive to go above and beyond what is required in the letter of the law through requiring strict adherence to our code of ethics on the part of employees at every level.

We encourage our employees, contractors and associates to report any perceived unethical conduct without fear or favour: our employees are assured that in so doing they will not be subjected to any form of retaliation should they report activities that are not in accordance with our code of ethics.

Al Mashrik has never and will never tolerate any form of unethical or illegal behaviour on the part of its employees. Our standards of professionalism require a complete commitment to the values of our company and to upholding all laws, commitments and contracts.

Workplace safety compliance

This dedication to total compliance and ethical conduct also extends to our approach to workplace safety and is evidenced by our excellent safety record. We do not ‘cut corners’. We train our personnel to comply with international workplace safety best practices, and we ensure that these are implemented on site in order to ensure the safety of employees and the general public.

Honesty and Integrity

There is no such thing as a ‘half-truth’. Al Mashrik prides itself in the integrity of its executives and staff members. No misrepresentations are tolerated and absolute honesty and integrity are a requirement, both in our internal dealings and in our relationships with clients. We believe that his approach has contributed to our success by building trust, and we ensure that we continue to be deserving of trust by maintaining this policy.

Commitment to quality

Al Mashrik will at all times meet contract specifications. Materials will be sourced according to client specifications and no substitutions will be made without the direct consent of the client. All construction regulations and standards will be adhered to so that we are able to deliver construction projects that both we and our clients can be proud of.