Ethics and Business Conduct

Ethics and Business conduct

“A fundamental principle at Al Mashrik is that there is no gain or benefit that justifies unethical conduct.”

(Abdulsalam Altowaijri, Almashrik CEO, and Chairman of the Board)

Our ethics are rooted in our business values:

Our values

  • People: Our employees, our suppliers, our clients and our communities – the wellbeing of all these stakeholders are at the heart of our organisational values.
  • Integrity: Taking responsibility for our actions and maintaining a high standard of business ethics is essential to our success.
  • Stewardship: It is our duty to strengthen communities and to take care of natural resources and ecosystems in the course of all operations.
  • Excellence: Although it may be said that we have achieved this goal, it requires constant striving to be the best that we can be. Quality and continuous improvement require focus.
  • Safety: The construction industry presents dangers to employees and even the public: we are proud of our safety record and will continue to improve on it.
  • Ingenuity: Special projects require creative solutions. We value ingenuity and strive to offer an environment that is conducive to innovative ideas.
  • Results: For us, there are no short-cuts. Every project is completed on time, to specification and to budget. Results matter. Client satisfaction matters. Quality matters.

To us, ethical behavior is more than words on paper. It is a total commitment involving every employee that crosses all lines of business, impacting everything we do. We have built an enviable, well-deserved reputation for integrity and honesty in our workplace conduct and our business relationships. To make sure we live up to that expectation, we stay true to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.