Wadi Hanifa Restoration Project

Infrastructure restoration project for the Wadi Hanifah Zone 3


Infrastructure restoration project for the Wadi Hanifah Zone 3

Project Significance

With its basin and tributaries forming a unique, 120-km long ecological region, Wadi Hanifah stretches from the Tuwaiq Escarpment to the open desert southeast of Riyadh. The Wadi Hanifah Restoration sought to restore natural balance for rainwater, floods, and surface water flowing from different sources of the city of Riyadh. The objective of the project was to improve the valley and remove pollutants and their sources—and it required rearrangement of existing services.


Project Category:
Client name:
Arriyadh Development Authority
March 2009
170,217,415.00 Saudi Riyals

Our Client Says

“The Wadi Hanifah Restoration was a very complex project, with the ultimate goal of improving the valley. Al Mashrik rose to the challenge, expertly engineering restoration to strike a natural balance for rainwater, floods, and surface water from a variety of different sources and constructing new features—like pedestrian walkways—that truly enhance the area.”

Al Mashrik: Core Values

Core Values

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Project details

  • Upgrading and renovation of Wadi River
  • Biological treatment of surface water
  • Monitoring of water quality and flow
  • Improvement of the Wadi road network so as to to better accommodate local access needs
  • Landscaping & Hardscaping to re-establish the natural Wadi Bed vegetation
  • Piping infrastructure
  • Civil, structural and electro-mechanical works

Project Location

Wadi Hanifah