Buraidah Ring Road, Section 3

A 5 km, six-lane expressway


Construction of Section 3 of the Buraidah Ring Road expressway

Project significance

The Ministry of Transport oversees all road construction and improvements. The Buraidah Ring Road, Section 3 is a busy expressway and its construction and delivery enhanced transportation in the region. This project also included enhancements for safety and navigation, including the installation of road signs and reflective road studs, high mast lighting, and landscaping.

Project Construction Details

  • 5 km, six-lane expressway
  • Construction of three interchange bridges
  • R.C. box culverts and pipe culverts
  • Installation of road signs including gantry signs, road marking, reflective road studs
  • High mast lighting
  • Landscaping

Project Location

Project Location


Project Category:
Road Construction
Client name:
Ministry of Transport
Al-Qassim Region
December 1991
69,086,492.22 Saudi Riyals