Dhahran/Al-Khobar/Dammam Dualway, Sections 2 & 3

Road infrastructure linking 300 square miles of the Dammam area


Construction of Sections 2 and 3 of the Dhahran/Al-Khobar/Dammam Dualway road infrastructure linking 300 square miles of the Dammam area.

Project significance

Al Mashrik was contracted to construct a major highway linking Dhahran, Dammam, and Al-Khobar in response to rapid growth in all three areas that underscored the need for an intensive infrastructure project. Completed in two phases in July 1984 and September 1985, these two sections of the Dhahran/Al-Khobar/Dammam Dualway were crucial to overall road infrastructure development and provided a connection to the three cities comprising the 300-square-mile Dammam area.

Project Construction Details

  • Construction of 11km of six-lane dualway (Section 2)
  • Construction of 8 km of six-lane dualway with frontage on both sides (Section 3)
  • Seven concrete structures (Section 2)
  • Seventeen concrete bridges with reinforced earth-facing steel structure (Section 3)
  • Concrete slab area of 50,000 m³ with two interchanges on royal palace (Section 2)
  • Frontage road on both sides
  • Electrical works

Key Facts

  • 800 employees contributed 8 million job hours (Section 2)
  • 750 employees contributed 7.2 million job hours (Section 3)
  • 5 million m³ of bulk earthworks
  • 150,000 m³ of asphalt works
  • 300,000 m³ of concrete
  • 1,250 ton of reinforcing steel

Project Location



Project Category:
Building Construction
Client name:
Ministry of Transport
Eastern Province
Completed Section 2:
September 1985
Completed Section 3:
July 1984
452,140,620 Saudi Riyals