Ministry of Rural Affairs Headquarters

Three-year, 750-staff construction project


Three-year, 750-staff construction project for administrative headquarters of Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs

Project significance

Clean, healthy, well-run towns and cities are essential to the wellbeing of the Kingdom. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is the key building from which municipalities throughout the kingdom are administrated and run. Activities that take place within these offices include rural and urban planning, the analysis of roads and basic infrastructure, and the development of strategies to address an array of needs. To advance these efforts, Al Mashrik led construction of this modern office building. Construction took place over three years, during which 750 skilled employees were dedicated to the effort.

Project Construction Details

  • 750 skilled employees dedicated to this construction for three years.
  • 400,000 m³ of bulk earthworks
  • 5,000 m³ of concrete
  • 700 tons of reinforcing steel bar

Project Location

Project Location


Project Category:
Building Construction
Client name:
Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
September 1995
328,640,743.20 Saudi Riyals